Shell Fuels

Why Buy Shell
When you fill up with Shell, you can relax in the knowledge that Shell fuels, including Shell V-Power and Shell V-Power Diesel, are backed by unique technological expertise and decades of research and development by some of the best scientists from around the world, all working to help you get the most out of every drop.


Cleaner Air
Burning fuels can cause local air pollution. We work to reduce the emissions of local pollutants from our operations and help our customers to reduce their emissions by offering cleaner transport fuels and lubricants and cleaner fuels and technologies for electricity generation.

Advanced technology and tougher regulations have reduced local pollution in the past 20 years. But further reductions will be needed in future, particularly in the congested cities of the developing world.

Drive for Five

New Shell Drive for Five Card cardholders have the opportunity to earn a savings of 5 cents per gallon on all three grades of Shell Nitrogen Enriched gasoline as well as Shell diesel when they purchase at least 45 gallons each month, up to 100 gallons.

Additional cardholders on the same account, such as family members, will increase the amount of gasoline purchased monthly on the Shell Drive for Five Card.

The Shell Drive for Five Card can be used to pay for items including fuel, car washes, repair service or food and drinks at any of the 14,000-plus Shell stations coast-to-coast.

Learn more about the Shell Drive for Five Card or Apply Now! (opens in new window)


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